Dr. Kumar Krishen addresses 1st and 2nd year students at RDEC

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The First year students were treated to a rare experience in the form of a fruitful, interactive, highly enjoyable and educative meeting with the renowned Dr. Kumar Krishen (Retd. Principal Scientist Johnson Space Centre, NASA)

Dr. Kumar, in his distinctive style exhorted the students to strive consciously to bring a change n themselves for the better and thus become the harbingers of transformation of the Nation in particular and the World in general.

In a clear, succinct well absorbable discourse, he explained to the student the process of self-transformation . Citing the examples from the Cosmos he went on to provide the audience a clear picture of the universe.

The whole audience including the faculty members and the students sat spellbound through the discourse.

Later in a highly instructive QA session Dr. Kumar answered the queries of the faculty members as well as students on various topics which included Time Management, Self improvement, innovative attitude, giving back and helping the needy et al.

The questions by two students Riya Yadav and Ishika Tyagi on Personal experience of Dr. Kumar on perseverance and time management were particularly appreciated and answered with candid clarity by Dr. Kumar Kishen.

The session ended with a vote of thanks to Dr. Kumar by Professor Subhash Verma.