Dr. Pankaj Kumar Singh

Dr. Pankaj Kumar Singh

Head of Department, Civil Engineering | Board Member, RD Engineering College

With over 21 years of experience in multi-disciplinary fields of Environmental Protection, Waste Water Treatment and Plant Medicine, its design and implementation Dr. Pankaj Kumar, PHD is a valuable asset as a Board of Governor Member at RD Engineering College. He hands on guides students and helps the college’s R&D department. Having more than 20+ patents in his name, he endeavorers to help students to think new and think big. 


A big problem India faces today is not having a research mindset in the education sector. We at RD Engineering College strive to change that. With the mindset of bringing innovation to India, it needs to start with colleges and institutes focusing on key areas of research. 

To help in this endeavor, RD Engineering College sets up these young researchers, scientists, and engineers in the right direction by helping them with not only research, but with publishing and filing papers and patents. The students get to interact with professors around the world from countries like Canada (Saskatchewan University), Ghana (Kofridua Technical University), US and the U.K. I can proudly say that the students of RD Engineering College have done a remarkable job as inventors and have published multiple patents recognized globally. This achievement is one of its kind with RD Engineering College being the only private college affiliated with AKTU to have done this.


  • Ph.D., Civil Engineering
  • M.Tech in Civil along with multidisciplinary branch (Electronics and Applied Geology)


  • Patent - Pest detection and Control System in smart farming using IOT
  • Patent - Method for extracting Galactomannan from Plant Leucanea leucoceohala
  • Patent - Method for treating waste water using Fly Ash as adsorbent
  • Patent - Highly efficient active carbon ,The Process for preparation and thereof
  • Patent - A naval Process for preparation of Polysaccharide or its derivatives from cassia Seeds
  • Patent - Decision support System for energy and environment saving
  • Patent - A computer network system for transferring file using network socket
  • Patent - A microbial Consortium for treatment of Industrial wastewater and a method therefor
  • Patent - A method for treatment of Methyl Hg Contaminated water
  • Patent - Crop recognition techniques for robotics weed control along with regeneration chamber for self life itself
  • Books and Book Chapters published - 5
  • Multiple Chapters published in Books by National and International Authors
  • Countless Research Papers published and presented across the world - Geneva, Switzerland; Las Vegas, USA; Bali, Indonesia; George Town, Australia; New Jersey, USA; Ghana;
  • Project - Road construction with Polythene
  • Project - Vermicomposting
  • Project - 4 Pit of rain harvesting with Parle -G
  • Project - Pyrolysis Process
  • Project - Multilevel Farming
  • Project - Generation of electricity through waste & Plastic
  • Project - Bridge Construction through waste and Plastic
  • Consultancy - Biological waste water treatment (Algae/fungi/earthworm/fly ash ) of Hindon river/ tanning industries/,refineries and treatment Plant industries etc
  • Consultancy - Extracting 90% Galactomannan/ Polysaccharide from Medicinal Plants for Pharma Industries for their capsule making