Prof. (Dr.) Pankaj Kumar Singh

Prof. (Dr.) Pankaj Kumar Singh

Director, RD Engineering College

With over 24 years of experience in Higher Education Sector, Dr. Pankaj Kumar Singh is Pursuing Post Doc from ERU, NewYork, USA having PhD in Civil Engineering and M.Tech in Diversified Engineering Stream, also hold MBA, Dr Singh also served as Guest Professor in Several countries like Philippines, Qatar, and Indonesia etc. His Research area of interest is Environmental Conservation & Sustainability, Biological Waste water treatment, Plant Medicine, Crop recognition & Monitoring, AI & Modelling and so on. He wrote 5+ books and many book chapters in diversified field. Till Now Published More than 25+ Indian & International Patent and out of them Granted 15+ Indian and International Patent along with Professors, Researchers and students of India, Ghana, UK, Nepal, Philippines etc. As well as Published many Research Papers in reputed journal like MDPI, ESCI, ABDC, Scopus etc.He also invited for Session Chair in Many International Conferences from different countries like Las Vegas(U.S),Bali(Indonesia), Geneva(Switzerland) ,George Town(Australia) , India. Due to al these work awarded as FMERU & FMERC Life time Membership award’2024 as well as  Royal Golden Fellow Award (FRAEL)’ 2024 by ERU,NY,USA  and  Best  Research Director ‘ 2022 due to contribution  in the field of  Biological waste water Treatment and Plant Medicine


Welcome to the R. D. Engineering College at Duhai, Ghaziabad. Rameshwar Dayal Educational Trust runs the institute. We have started our journey in the year 2006 with the B.Tech. Programs in Electronics & Communication Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Information Technology and Mechanical Engineering. Since then we have been moving forward and you will appreciate the richness in infrastructure of our institute we have achieved so far. In the year 2007 we introduced MBA program and in the year 2008 we introduced the MCA program with a population of around 1000 students, our relatively small size ensures a friendly and welcoming environment in the campus. The location of our college is scenic, amidst vast expanses of open greens. It is very well connected to Delhi via rail and roads.

We have high-speed connectivity and networked computer labs, fully equipped laboratories in all the branches, spacious classrooms and library facilities. Qualified, experienced and dedicated faculties are with us they work together to access the newest trends in learning so as to impart quality education to our students. Our students gain skills that prepare them to assume leadership role in the engineering fields. We do not confine our students within the bookish knowledge. They are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities. We sharpen their intellectuals through the personality development program.


  • Ph.D., Civil Engineering
  • M.Tech in Civil along with multidisciplinary branch (Electronics and Applied Geology)


  • Patent - Pest detection and Control System in smart farming using IOT
  • Patent - Method for extracting Galactomannan from Plant Leucanea leucoceohala
  • Patent - Method for treating waste water using Fly Ash as adsorbent
  • Patent - Highly efficient active carbon ,The Process for preparation and thereof
  • Patent - A naval Process for preparation of Polysaccharide or its derivatives from cassia Seeds
  • Patent - Decision support System for energy and environment saving
  • Patent - A computer network system for transferring file using network socket
  • Patent - A microbial Consortium for treatment of Industrial wastewater and a method therefor
  • Patent - A method for treatment of Methyl Hg Contaminated water
  • Patent - Crop recognition techniques for robotics weed control along with regeneration chamber for self life itself
  • Books and Book Chapters published - 5
  • Multiple Chapters published in Books by National and International Authors
  • Countless Research Papers published and presented across the world - Geneva, Switzerland; Las Vegas, USA; Bali, Indonesia; George Town, Australia; New Jersey, USA; Ghana;
  • Project - Road construction with Polythene
  • Project - Vermicomposting
  • Project - 4 Pit of rain harvesting with Parle -G
  • Project - Pyrolysis Process
  • Project - Multilevel Farming
  • Project - Generation of electricity through waste & Plastic
  • Project - Bridge Construction through waste and Plastic
  • Consultancy - Biological waste water treatment (Algae/fungi/earthworm/fly ash ) of Hindon river/ tanning industries/,refineries and treatment Plant industries etc
  • Consultancy - Extracting 90% Galactomannan/ Polysaccharide from Medicinal Plants for Pharma Industries for their capsule making