Prof. Sanjay Paliwal

Prof. Sanjay Paliwal

Head of Department, Mechanical Engineering

Prof. Sanjay Paliwal has more than 24+ years of experience in teaching and working in the industry. He is currently pursuing Ph.D in “Investigation and Analysis of Air Pollution Emitted From Thermal Power Plants”. With over 4 patents, 7 journals published in his name, he is truly a great asset to RD Engineering College.


Mechanical Engineering is one of the three mother branches of engineering. The importance of Mechanical Engineering can never be overemphasised. In order to equip our students of Mechanical Engineering, the college makes extra efforts beyond the requirements of the prescribed syllabus so that the budding engineers become well versed in the latest advancements in the field of mechanical engineering.

Mechanical engineering, in addition to being the technology of strength and force analysis along with fabrication and production, involves knowledge of advanced information technology. Latest tools of design and analysis of mechanical systems require expertise in use of computers and various softwares which help us in predicting the performance of the systems designed even before undertaking actual fabrication of prototypes and physical testing.

R.D. Engineering College prides itself in the establishment of dedicated software labs and conducting general and specific training courses for our students in technical software like Autocad, Katya, Pro-engineer etc. to equip them with this expertise enabling them to compete with the best talent as well as to make them valuable assets for the organisations they join.

Computer aided machining and production systems like CMS and FMS are also  integral part and parcel of our training modules. All these efforts instil a rare confidence in the students passing out of our college regarding their capabilities which helps them achieve the greatest levels of success in their fields.

However, it is imperative that a strong technical base is also required to make our students capable of exploiting these advanced tools to their fullest capabilities. Without losing sight of this fact, the college has created a large pool of expert and dedicated faculty members who are capable of enriching the theoretical as well as practical knowledge of our students through classroom teaching as well as practical experience in our comprehensively equipped laboratories which boast of latest equipment for completing all the prescribed practical requirements of the University and beyond.

Project work:  Project work, besides being a statutory requirement, is also a learning experience for the budding engineers in application of technology along with mutual cooperation, project management and dissemination of information. It is a cause of great satisfaction and pride for the college that all the projects of the students are conceived and executed in-house with all the faculty members getting fully involved to guide the students and to help them overcome any difficulties faced by them.

Courses Taught

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Engineering Graphics
  • Thermodynamics


  • Patent - Method for treating Waste water using fly ash as adsorbent
  • Patent - Highly Efficient active carbon, the process for preparation and uses thereof
  • Patent - A Microbial Consortium For Treatment Of Industrial Wastewater And A Method Therefor
  • Patent - A Method for treatment of Methyl Hg contaminated water
  • Journal - S. Paliwal, H. Chandra and A. Tripathi, “Mitigation of Emission in Thermal Power Plant Using Conventional and Non-Conventional Fuel” Publish in International Journal of Engineering Science Invention (IJEST), Volume 2 Issue 4, April 2013, pp.01-06, ISSN: 2319 - 6726.
  • Journal - S. Paliwal, H. Chandra and A. Tripathi, “Modeling and Analysis on the basis of Energy and Environment for Coal and Gas- Fired Thermal Power Stations” Publish in European International Journal of Sciences and Technology, Volume 2 Issue 3, April 2013, pp. 232 - 238, ISSN: 2304 – 9693
  • Journal - S. Paliwal, H. Chandra ,”INVESTIGATION OF PARTICULATE CONTROL IN THERMAL POWER PLANT USING ELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATOR” Publish in International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology(IJMET), Volume 4 Issue 3, May – June (2013),pp. 149-154, ISSN: 0976 – 6340
  • Journal - S. Paliwal, H. Chandra and A. Tripathi, “INVESTIGATION AND ANALYSIS OF AIR POLLUTION EMITTED FROM THERMAL POWER PLANTS: A CRITICAL REVIEW” Publish in International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology (IJMET), Volume 4 Issue 3, July – Aug (2013),pp. 32-37, ISSN: 0976 – 6340
  • Journal - S. Paliwal, A. R. Varshney and Y. Atray, “A Systematic Review of Existing Supply Chain Management : Definition, Framework and Key Factor” Publish in International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology(IJMET), Volume 4 Issue 2, March – April (2013), pp. 298-309, ISSN: 0976 – 6359
  • Journal - Sanjay Paliwal , Amit Raj Varshney and D.S. Awana, “JIT IMPLEMENTATION: CONCEPTS, BENEFIT AND OBSTRUCTIONS IN INDIAN INDUSTRIES” (Published in International Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering and Developed, (IJETD) ISSN 2249- 6149 Issue 3, Vol. 4, July-2013)
  • Journal - Sanjay Paliwal , Amit Raj Varshney and D.S. Awana, “RELATIONSHIP AND COMPARISON BETWEEN IN JIT, TQM AND TPM: A REVIEW”, (Published in International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research and Development ,IJMERD, ISSN Print : 2248-9347, Volume 3, Number 2013 )

Life Member Of ISTE | SOCIETY OF AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEER – INDIA (SAEINDIA: The Engineering Society for Advancing Mobility Land, Sea and Air) | International Association of Engineer ( IAENG)