Shaaswat Sharma

Shaaswat Sharma

Vice President, RD Engineering College

Technology architect with a multi-faceted skill set and experience in delivering largescale, complex technology systems. Works hands on with a wide range of technologies including web and mobile systems, databases, enterprise security, blockchain, decentralized computing, data science, analytics and artificial intelligence.


“Dream is not that which you see while sleeping, it is something that does not let you sleep”

– A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

We at RD Engineering college want to help the students see and achieve these dreams. RD Engineering college focuses on all round student development. The faculty take additional steps to ensure students coming from all backgrounds understand the fundamentals of Engineering, and help the students build a strong pillar which helps them face the ever changing industry needs.

Bringing experience from key people who have reached the pinnacle of excellence in their fields, RD wants to bring innovation to India. RD, with its R&D Center will work in both public and private sector to work on innovative research projects which will not only help the students but will also work towards bringing a transformation in the way technical research is done in the nation.

RD has a strong industry tie-up program, which allows students to work on live projects starting from the 3rd year. This really helps the students hone their skills and get ahead of their peers as they are able to get industry experience even before they graduate.

I would like to welcome all to RD Engineering College. Let us together hold the beacon which guides us to better tomorrow.


  • Harvard University - Systems Thinking, Cambridge, MA, US
  • Bachelor Degree in Technology – Delhi, India